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Frequently Asked questions

Q: Do y'all allow all ages for concerts?

A: Unfortunately we do not allow all ages for concerts. we are 21+ only every Friday & Saturday night from 8:00pm-2:00am with no exceptions. Guests must have a valid ID for entry.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: We like to consider our dress code 'upscale casual'. Meaning we do not allow- Beachwear (swim suits, coverups, tank tops/cutoff shirts for men, etc.), Athletic gear (gym shorts, sports jerseys, cutoff shirts, etc.), dirty clothes (muddy shirts/pants/shoes, steel toe boots, etc.) etc.

Q: How do i reserve a table for the concert?

A: we no longer do outside table reservations for concerts. All concert seating is first come, first served. We have over 140 tables on our outdoor patio so you should have no problem finding seating!

Q: do i have to purchase a ticket in advance for the concert?

A: Nope! We offer general admission to all concerts at the door, on the day of the show. Sometimes you can save a couple bucks purchasing online in advance though! 

Q: What time does the band go on?

A: All of our concerts start around 9:30/10:00pm, and bands usually play a 90min set.


Q: Can i reserve a table for Inside the dancehall?

A: of course! we offer free table reservations every Friday & Saturday inside the dancehall. Book a table on our 'Reserve' tab, then someone from our team will confirm it. reservations are printed & assigned to tables on the day of- the layout can be found at our main entrance ticket booth.

Q: What time does the restaurant close?

A: our restaurants stay open till 2:30am on Fridays & Saturdays to service our dancehall guests!

Have more questions? Give us a call (210) 651-6702

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